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Is it an alien invader?

... Is it a weed?

    ... Is it a crop?

    It's SuperTree!

If trees interest you, you will find Paulownia difficult to ignore. Highly prized for its easily-worked wood and its ability to establish a quick canopy, this tree with leaves as large as a meter wide is condemned as an invasive weed by some outside its native China. It has been harvested to extinction in Japan, one of its earliest habitats.

Paulownia produces millions of small fluffy seeds formerly used as packing material. Yet this enigmatic tree is difficult to propagate, seeming to prefer to establish itself in the parking lots of abandoned filling stations and other exhausted soils.

Image used by permission of Randy Baldwin

Paulownia trees are planted for sustainable timber and landscaping purposes. Once harvested, Paulownia trees will grow back very quickly from the existing stump. This avoids the need for clearing the land and replanting.

Homeowners are increasingly planting a special Paulownia tree that has more profuse blossoms. These are commonly referred to as the Royal Empress Tree. It grows very fast, providing new homes with an established looking landscape, years sooner. The added shade can also quickly reduce cooling expenses.

Paulownia.org exists as a means for Paulownia producers to find markets, and for consumers of Paulownia to find sources. In what is hoped to be the best tradition of the World-Wide Web, some of the current and projected facilities of Paulownia.org are free, and some, to support the ongoing work, are provided for a fee designed to be an excellent marketing value for small entities with limited promotional budgets.

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