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Report On Reforestation Effort In China

Tree Crops For Marginal Farm Land with a Financial Analysis

Invasive Exotic Pest Plants : Paulownia is ranked as a "severe threat" in Tennessee.

Reclaiming Stripmined Land : P. Tomentosa plantations by University of Kentucky. No detail; record of funding and staff listing only.

PropagationReturn to Top

Overcoming Difficulties In P. Seed Germination

Paulownia Seed Propagation Germination requirements and procedures

Production Of P. Seedlings : seedlings are a nurseryman's nightmare unless he is in love with paulownia.

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Paulownia Tomentosa Steudel : Foto of closed seed pod, with link to a photo of an open seed pod and a cluster of about 7 seeds.

A Frost Pocket Garden : Paulownia recommended

Gypsy Moth Suitability : Paulownia seen as an unlikely candidate in this study

Morphology : A good photograph of a leaf cluster

Scrophulariaceae Paulownia Tomentosa (Royal Paulownia) : formal description, with graphic of a rather non-representational leaf, seed pods, twig and bark.

Polonia Uses And Properties : A short overview of horticultural, nutritional and structural properties of Paulownia, including evaluation for plywood and pulp.

Biology And Silvics Of Royal Paulownia with an emphasis on history (text only)

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The Reynolds Homestead Forest Resources Research Center : Studying the biological and physical relationships of the Piedmont forest in southwest Virgina, USA. This site has no informational content about Paulownia.

Permeability Of Paulownia Wood : Paulownia wood has not the ability to resist water, which is a new point in the wood science and negates the point that Paulownia has the ability to resist water.

Pollen-Cone Development And Anther Culture In Paulownia Taiwaniana : The pollen development of P. taiwaniana has higher relationship with the development offlower buds in the a panicle.

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Tree Web species guide to Paulownia Tomentosa

The Families Of Flowering Plants Scrophulariaceae Juss.

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Woodworking With Paulownia : A transplanted hardwood that grows like a weed and works like a dream

Tansu: : The traditional Japanese bride's chest of drawers made of Paulownia.

Traditional Kyo Joinery goes back to the Heian period(794-1185). From the Muromachi period on, professional joiners appeared and this craftwork developed together with the establishment of the tea ceremony culture.

Japanese Joinery By Inoue Yoshio : Practitioners of a traditional type of joinery called sashimono fashion wood into furniture and other household implements without using nails.

The Basis Of Traditional Japanese Woodworking is the use of an intricate system of joinery (tsugi) that takes years to master. Unlike European joinery, most joints for both architectural structures and cabinetry are not rigid.

Thefts Of Ten Paulownia Trees - The men allegedly sold the paulownia logs for $3,400 to the Wheeler Logging Company, located in Orange County, Virginia.

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