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The submission form is currently not working. We hope to have it operational by October 5, 2007. In the meantime, please use the email to send us messageboard or calendar submissions. Thank you.

Member's Banner Ad on Paulownia.org's DirectoryReturn
Members can submit a link to their site in the form of the URL of a 300 pixels wide by 100 pixels high banner ad depicting their contact information. It replaces their directory listing which contains, in addition to the Directory listing of non-members, a text-based hyperlink, an email @ddress, and phone numbers. Banner ads larger than this are scaled to 300 pixels wide. Since the banner may be served by reference (with the graphic itself residing on the member's server), the banner can change whenever the member wants it to. Banners can alternatively be placed in Paulownia.org's webspace, in which case the banner would have to be submitted to Paulownia.org. Banner JPEGs should not send cookies to the user's system when the Paulownia.org Directory loads.

The Paulownia.org Event CalendarReturn
Calendar entries on the Paulownia.org Event Calendar persist until the day after the event. All event submissions are moderated for topicality, and so there may be as much as a three day delay between posting to the calendar and its appearance on the site.

The Paulownia.org Message BoardHome Page
Messages on the Paulownia.org Message Board persist longer than on newsgroups: the general public can post with a one month persistence. Member's postings last for SIX MONTHS unless cancelled. If you are submitting a post to buy or sell, your message may be rejected if you do not specify the general area from which you wish to conduct the transaction. All posts are moderated for topicality, and so there may be as much as a three day delay between sending a message to (Remove the "N")message@Paulownia.org and its appearance on the site.

Nominating an Article on PaulowniaReturn
Articles about Paulownia can be nominated by anyone, not just Paulownia.org members. They must be on-topic, however. We realize anything published on the World-Wide Web will contain a dose of self-promotion; however, if the advertising content of a nominated article overwhelms its informative aspects, Paulownia.org moderators reserve the right to reject the article, with or without suggestions for improving its topicality to this site.

Member-submitted Photo for Paulownia.org's Front PageReturn
Members can submit the URL of one of their photographs on the Web that depicts some aspect of Paulownia culture. A credit line, placed under the photo, is a link to the member's site of choice. Every time Paulownia.org is generated, a member photo is chosen at random from those submitted. Since the photo can be served by reference (the photo itself may reside on the member's server), the member can change the photo at will. The photo must be within 300 pixels wide by 400 pixels high, and must not send "cookies". If the photo is not topical or is simply an advertisement, Paulownia.org's moderators reserve the right to withdraw this priviledge from the member in order to maintain the quality of Paulownia.org at a high level.

Spoofed E-mail @ddressesReturn
Members have the option of having their e-mail @ddresses INCLUDED in their directory listing, LEFT OFF the directory listing, or SPOOFED. Spoofing alters the e-mail @ddress so that SPAM-bots cruising the Web will report back misinformation. Unless a human correspondent correctly edits a spoofed @ddress back to its true form by following the posted instructions at the top of the Directory page, members will presumably not get e-mail, wanted or otherwise, generated from their listing on the Paulownia.org Directory.

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